Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a superior risk adjusted return for our investors while implementing strategies to take advantage of the ever-changing energy marketplace.

Artemis Liquids has developed an extensive energy project development business, representing clients on each side of the typical project finance structure, including developers/vendors, lenders and other providers of credit support, and end users/industrial customers. 

We have assisted our clients in the negotiation of power sales agreements, steam sales agreements, fuel purchase and transportation agreements, and EPC construction contracts, equipment procurement contracts, operations and maintenance contracts, state and Federal regulatory approvals, environmental permitting, water development arrangements and site acquisition.

We have extensive experience in advising and assisting clients with the myriad tasks associated with the development and construction of major energy infrastructure projects, including electric generation facilities and liquefied natural gas storage facilities.  This work has included negotiation of power sales agreements, construction agreements, steam sales agreements, fuel purchase and natural gas transportation agreements, operation and maintenance contracts, and assistance in obtaining regulatory approvals, environmental permits, and site acquisition.

Our project development team has assisted natural gas utilities with development of transmission and liquefied natural gas projects and have assisted independent developers and vendors on a broad range of energy project development activities including on-site industrial steam and power facilities, hydroelectric facilities, and the acquisition of numerous existing energy infrastructure facilities.

In addition, we have been involved representing owners and developers in structuring and negotiating a number of purchases and sales of individual energy projects, portfolios of energy projects and interests in energy projects as well as structuring and negotiating energy joint ventures.